Welcome to The Pickled Pig!

About Us

The Pickled Pig - Cincinnati Ohio
courtesy of Larrison Photography

As co-owners of The Pickled Pig, Gary and Libby bring their love of food to the table, so to speak. As a young boy, Gary loved watching and helping his grandmother cook family meals in their homeland of Belarus. Growing up in Midwestern farming country, Libby enjoyed tending garden with her grandfather and watching her grandmother prepare home cooked meals for everyone. 

At The Pickled Pig, we create one of a kind hand smoked meats, fermented delights, and dishes that evoke memories while experiencing new tastes. Flavor is the focus in The Pickled Pig kitchen! We strive to deliver delicious foods that will be unique and surprising to you. We are proud to call Cincinnati our home, our community, and we want to commune with friends, family and neighbors through our food.

So let’s dig in!